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Thomas Ohlsson is a photographer based in southern Sweden. His main interest is photographing people, which includes portraits, fashion and weddings, among others. Photography is at this time a passion more than a profession. His main area of education is economics and informatics, where he holds a MSc in Economics as well as an BSc in Informatics from The School of Economics and Management at Lund University.  He has also taken courses in photography at Jönköping University and Umeå University.

Photography has been a way of combining several of his interests. The technical understanding of the camera might have been a starting point, but today it is a way of being creative, expressing oneself and meeting new people. His favorite environment is outdoors and he has a good eye for finding the right spot and composition, combined with post-processing that gives the right feeling in his pictures. Understanding and mastering light is something that you by practice constantly improves upon, but probably never will say that you have mastered (stay hungry).

For more of Thomas work, feel free to follow the links below or contact him here. He is always looking for new people to work with and to expand hos portfolio. He is available to hire for weddings, events, portraits and other work. Pricing is based on the details of the individual assignment. Reference pricing from Swedish Association of Professional Photographers can be found here.


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